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Focus Your Business

Allow your staff to do what they do best.

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Reduce Future Risk

Reduce risks associated with loan forgiveness and servicing process.

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Provide Robust Support

Personalized service tailored to each of your PPP customers.

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Accelerate Your Income

Realize your loan income now.

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Protect your Customers.

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Keep Your Customers

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Focused Knowledge Allows Expert Processing

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Know Your Customer is Being Helped

More than just software

How we do it.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We utilize first-hand experience originating PPP loans to streamline the high touch nature of these loans, allowing for more refined customer experiences.

Trained Staff Always Available

We provide a personalized customer intake, dedicated consulting time, and a help desk ready to answer the specific needs of any unique challenge.

Constructed with Purpose

ACAP was created for the sole purpose to better service PPP Loans utilizing experts in the field of loan origination and servicing.

Man helping another man

“ [Northeast Bank] decided to sell the bank’s PPP loans out of concern about the requirements to properly service the loans and handle the forgiveness process, pointing to the government’s ever-changing rules. The bank has a deep relationship with The Loan Source group, providing comfort that its PPP borrowers will continue to receive solid customer service. The bank considered a technology purchase to handle the process but ultimately thought the risks of keeping the process in-house outweighed the benefits.”

Northeast Bank, Rick Wayne, President and CEO

Have our team contact you.

Learn more about how we can provide the best service for your PPP loan customers.

ACAP only services PPP Loans


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Targeted Expertise

ACAP are veteran lenders with $500 million in PPP loan originations and $3.3 billion in loan purchases to date.

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Customer Care

Facilitating customer loan forgiveness and servicing through a thoughtful, personalized approach.

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Changing Guidelines

SBA rules will continue to change every day. Don’t miss something vital. Don’t take that risk.

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Regulations Experts

Specific forgiveness and PPP regulations add undue burden to your people and customers.